Kwooty 1.1.0 Released


Kwooty 1.1.0 has just landed ! :D

So what’s new with this freshly release ? :

  • Nzb name and corresponding data folder renaming : nzb row name and its download folder can be renamed together to get a proper name.To perform a nzb/folder renaming:
    • select a nzb row to apply renaming
    • hit « F2 » keyboard shortcut (the same as Dolphin file manager) or perform a moose right click to display context menu

step 1 : select the row you wish to rename

step 2 : Hit F2 and set a new name

step 3 : row has been renamed…

…and download folder has also been renamed

  • Nzb row and corresponding data deletion : in the same way as nzb/foler renaming, it is now possible to delete nzb row from kwooty and deleting corresponding download folder at the same time:
    • Just select the nzb line to apply data deletion from context menu or by hitting «SHIFT+DEL » keyboard shortcut.

nzb/download folder deletion

  • Show/hide menu bar : «CTRL+M » will allow to hide/unhide menu bar
  • When a desktop session is restored, avoid useless connections to servers when there are no pending downloads: when kwooty is launched during a desktop session is restored, it will now connect automatically to servers only if pending downloads exists. This will avoid kwooty querying kwallet and then prompting user for entering password on each desktop restoration (feature request).
  • Better kwallet handling when asking for password : kwallet querying is now performed after kwooty as been fully started.
  • Unrar 5 support : unpacking with unrar should now be working.

Note to German users:
German translation is incomplete as new strings added from this release are not translated at this time ! :(
You may experiment German/English string mixing. I apologize about that but if you wish to contribute to complete the translation do not hesitate to send me an email : xavier.kwooty (gmail.com).



Kwooty 1.0.1 Released


Kwooty 1.0.1 as been released.

This is a bug fix release, below the short changelog:

  • Lower mandatory KDE version from 4.7 to 4.6 to build kwooty
  • Fix bug: when successfully downloaded folder was transferred into favorite folder by Category plugin, “Downloads” button would jump into favorite folder instead on jumping into the proper child folder

See you,


Kwooty 1.0.0 Released


Kwooty 1.0.0 is now out ! :D

Although there is a major version number bump, this is a classical release that brings several improvements like the previous releases, also the main window has not been revamped and remains the same as 0.9.0 version:

kwooty 1.0.0


Below the traditional change-log:

  • Nzb merging feature: contents of two nzb items can be merged together (available from context menu). This could be useful, for example, to add missing archive or par2 files from another source:

Merge destination choosing via context menu

Merge confirmation

Merge process result

Remark: This option will only be enabled if the source and target of nzb items have their download process not yet finished or if their verif/extract process has failed.

  • Manual extract: available from context menu if automatic extract process option is disabled.
    This action can be performed via context menu if post download process options have been disabled in settings.
  • Categories plugin: a new option has been added in plugin settings that let user choose a custom transfer folder from context menu (by right clicking on nzb item) and selecting “Transfer folder”.
    The manually chosen folder will supersede any other favorite or default folders.

New options from Category plugin settings

Choose target folder from context menu

Finally, when a folder is manually chosen, the nzb item tool-tip will display the chosen folder path:

File Name tool-tip will display manually chosen target folder

  • Categories plugin: new option that to allow to choose a default transfer folder for all successful downloads.
    If there is no favorite folder that matches the mime types of extracted files or if mime types with folder association is disabled, all successfully extracted downloads will be moved into the default folder.

    Remark: that setting “Download Folder” and “Transfer Folder” within the same File System is much more efficient as the moving file job will not have to perform a physical data copy.

  • In several cases, it can happend that server would not send data correctly (e.g: the maximum data limit size has been reached during download or the connection to server can be broken).
    Now when download retry is performed, all connections to servers are now reestablished before retrying downloads.
  • Segment data cache management enhanced in order to not get any memory contention in case of extremely low disk write speed (should fix issue #3601043).
  • Distinguish nzb items from each others if they have the same name (a suffix is added to nzb file name item).
    If a nzb file is added and has the same name as a previously added nzb file the file name item will be renamed, a new download folder will be created accordingly.
  • In server settings, a warning icon will appear near “Host”, “Login” and “Password” fields if leading or trailing white-space have been detected (feature request #3599282). This should be handy to avoid potential connection issues with server if unhappy white-space are inserted in one of this three fields.

User is notified that field contains withe-space

  • Par2 verifying progress percent is now estimated. As par2 command line does not bring this kind of information, this one is estimated by checking the number of files remaining the be verified.
  • “Start all” / “Pause all” actions are now properly enabled or disabled according to global download status.
  • Several code optimization.

That’s all for this release.
As usual, I like to mention it, thanks to all the contributors: the devoted translators and the people who take time to fill bug report, feature request or leave a message there ! :)

See you,


Kwooty 0.9.1 Released


Kwooty 0.9.1 is now out.

Below the small changelog:

  • fix bug: main window display could pop-up upon desktop login whereas it was minimized during logout. Now main window property should be correctly restored on next desktop login

That’s all for this release !



Kwooty 0.9.0 Released

Hi there,

Here kwooty 0.9.0 release, let’s take a look at the main window:

kwooty 0.9.0


And then, the traditional detailed change-log:

  • New plugin: “Categories”. This plugin allows to transfer downloaded contents to favorites folders defined in the plugin settings (it is possible to assign a particular favorite folder for each type of content).

Categories plugin

“Categories” plugin

The plugin works like this:

As usual, after a nzb download is complete, the downloaded content is extracted in the target folder that owns the name of the nzb.
The “Categories” plugin will then look at the file type of each files located in the nzb download folder. According to size and type of each downloaded file, a unique main file type will be revealed.

If a favorite folder has been assigned for this corresponding file type, then the nzb download folder will be transferred in the favorite folder.

Here is a short example:
A file named “myNzb.nzb” is appended in kwooty. After downloading and extracting processes, the content of /my/download/folder/myNzb is:

- 1 .zip file of 500 MiB
- 4 .txt files of 60 KiB each
- 2 .iso files of 300 MiB each

In this case, the guessed main file type will be x-cd-image as, for the same kind of file types, the biggest total file size is 600 MiB (2 .iso * 300 MiB).
The myNzbFile folder will then be transferred in the favorite folder defined for “Applications> Raw Cd Image” category.
Note that you can jump into favorite folder by clicking on “Dowloads” button in toolbar when transfer is complete.

If you wish to specify a favorite folder for “Raw Cd Image” contents, follow the 3 followings steps:

Step 1: In Categories plugin settings, click on “Add Category” button, then select “application” item and click on “OK”:

Categories settings

Step 2: The following dialog box will then appear (you can edit it whenever by clicking on “Edit Subcategory” button). For “application” category, look for “raw CD image”, then validate with “OK”:

Categories settings

Step 3: The “raw CD image” will then appear in the main Category plugin settings window. Finally choose a favorite folder for this subcategory and you’re done:

Categories settings

  • Scheduler plugin: bypass feature added.
    Scheduler can now be bypassed for items manually set on “Start” or “Pause” or both (to be configured in Scheduler settings).
  • Scheduler plugin: new nzb items can now automatically be set on Pause when appended (note that this feature is enabled only if “Always limit download speed” is checked)
  • Scheduler plugin: better download/pause behavior.
    Previously when a nzb was appended during a Pause time, download was beginning for a few seconds before being set on pause by the scheduler.
    This was the same when a manual Start or Pause action was performed on a nzb, the scheduler changed the nzb status as expected but after a couple of seconds.
    Now Start/Pause actions manually performed on a nzb will no more interfere with scheduler: these actions will be ignored (unless Start/Pause bypass feature is enabled)
  • New option “Display tiny file names” in “Display Mode” settings (enabled by default).

Tiny file names

“Display tiny file names” setting

This feature will try to keep only the essential name among unusual information found in file names from nzb files.
Below what it looks like:

Tiny display

Display tiny file names enabled

Tiny not display

Display tiny file names disabled

  • Better distinction of par2 files: to improve readability, name of par2 files is displayed in gray

Par2 files displayed in gray

Par2 file names displayed in gray

  • The mean download speed of each server has been added nearby its current download speed in the server statistics panel (feature request):

Mean download speed

Current download speed – Mean download speed

  • Bug fix: maximized setting about server statistics panel was sometimes not correctly restored between kwooty’s sessions

That’s all for this release !

Before ending, I would like to thank all the packagers and especially all the translators: Michael, Pavel, Yurienu thanks a lot for you great job and availability ! :D
For the future releases, if you wish to discuss about any new feature do not hesitate to send me an email or fill a feature request on kwooty’s sourceforge.

Good hollidays,


Kwooty 0.8.4 Released

Hello there,

Here is kwooty 0.8.4.

What has been fixed/added:

  • Fix issue #3528297: shutdown was not working on gnome 3. Shutdown management has been changed in gnome3 and strategy used for gnome 2 was not working anymore. Refactoring has also been done to allow easier shutdown management according to DE used. Currently dbus commands are used to shutdown/suspend system on gnome 3.
  • Feature added: if kwooty has been minimized in system tray, keep main window hidden when a nzb is loaded.

If everything go on as expected, next release should be 0.9.0. ;)



Kwooty 0.8.3 Released

Hi there,

Just a short post to inform that kwooty 0.8.3 has been released :

This release does not contain code modification but complies with fedora’s rpmlint.



Kwooty 0.8.2 Released

Hi folks,

kwooty 0.8.2  changelog :

  • kwooty now speaks French !

kwooty 0.8.2

I would like to thank Yurienu Amenysta that performed a great job with this translation ! :D

See you,


Kwooty 0.8.1 Released


Here is kwooty 0.8.1.

What has been fixed:

  • Fix regression: when nzb file name was too long, main window width was automatically increased
  • Fix bug: scheduler plugin did not pause items when requested if download limit speed was set to “No Limit”
  • Fix bug: temporary files from a canceled nzb collection could not be removed if nzb collection was previously already downloaded

That’s all for this release ! :-D



Kwooty 0.8.0 Released

Hello there,

Here is the new release of kwooty 0.8.0. Lets begin by the traditional screenshot of the current main window :) :

kwooty 0.8.0

And as usual, the detailed change-log below:

  • New plugin : Automatic download retry

    This plugin allows to download missing or corrupted files again automatically in order to improve chances to retrieve a correct file.
    If the file collection contains par2 files, the plugin will try to download files considered are missing/corrupted or corrupted only if repair or extract process fails.
    If the file does not contains any par2 files, the plugin will requeue a corrupted file immediatly, otherwise the extract process will likely fail.

  • Improve readability for files whose “download retry” has been requested. Once “download retry” action on incorrect file(s) is performed, the file(s) will display the following status : “In queue (Retry)”
  • Disk I/O reducing : Yenc segments are now on-the-fly decoded once downloaded. Previously, all segments were saved in different files in the temporary folder waiting for decoding process.

Now, all segments belonging to the same file are now downloaded, immediatly decoded then written in a unique temporary file. Once download is complete the file is moved to the target folder.

  • The “download retry” feature now re-downloads only segments that are either missing or corrupted. (Previously all segments from a file were downloaded again)
  • Feature request : added shortcut towards bandwidth throttle configuration.

If bandwidth manager plugin is active, the download limit and scheduler settings can directly be accessed by double clicking on the speed text located on bottom right in the status bar.

  • When pending downloads are restored at a new start-up, “Pause” status from previous session is now kept.
  • Icons next to nzb file name now notify the user to quickly check the current status of the file collection :

When downloading, the icon remains the same as previously :

When Pause / Idle, the icon will be displayed as semi-transparent :

If no files at all have been found of the server, the icon of the collection will look like this :

Finally, if a post download process job (verify/repair or extract process) has failed, the following icon will be displayed :

  • Better consistency between Connections/Disconnection icons. The same icon is now used and painted in gray for Disconnection status
  • Font color and typo of labels in sidebar have been changed to improve readability
  • Fix compilation issue with new power management API from KDE SC 4.8

That’s all for that time, merry Xmas holidays. :D

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