Kwooty 0.7.3 Released


Here is kwooty 0.7.3 : a new bug fix release of kwooty.
The fixed bugs are described below:

  • Fix bug #3437022: pending download restoring at start-up could be lost in certain situations
  • Fix regression #3443484: when interet connection was lost then back again, downloads were not restarting automatically
  • Fix bug #3444490: when opening nzb file(s) from file manager, the kwooty’s bouncing cursor was stop only after timeout
  • Before restoring downloads at start-up, checksum of file that store queued downloads is now performed to ensure data integrity
  • Fix issue with an incorrect value stored in kwootyrc under certain circumtances and could lead to a crash at next kwooty start-up
  • Fix issue in yenc decoder that could consider correct decoded files as corrupted (’decoded (bad CRC)’ status) with some yenc encoders.

Thanks for all of you that took time to fill the bug report ! :)

All the best,

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