Kwooty 0.8.0 Released

Hello there,

Here is the new release of kwooty 0.8.0. Lets begin by the traditional screenshot of the current main window :) :

kwooty 0.8.0

And as usual, the detailed change-log below:

  • New plugin : Automatic download retry

    This plugin allows to download missing or corrupted files again automatically in order to improve chances to retrieve a correct file.
    If the file collection contains par2 files, the plugin will try to download files considered are missing/corrupted or corrupted only if repair or extract process fails.
    If the file does not contains any par2 files, the plugin will requeue a corrupted file immediatly, otherwise the extract process will likely fail.

  • Improve readability for files whose “download retry” has been requested. Once “download retry” action on incorrect file(s) is performed, the file(s) will display the following status : “In queue (Retry)”
  • Disk I/O reducing : Yenc segments are now on-the-fly decoded once downloaded. Previously, all segments were saved in different files in the temporary folder waiting for decoding process.

Now, all segments belonging to the same file are now downloaded, immediatly decoded then written in a unique temporary file. Once download is complete the file is moved to the target folder.

  • The “download retry” feature now re-downloads only segments that are either missing or corrupted. (Previously all segments from a file were downloaded again)
  • Feature request : added shortcut towards bandwidth throttle configuration.

If bandwidth manager plugin is active, the download limit and scheduler settings can directly be accessed by double clicking on the speed text located on bottom right in the status bar.

  • When pending downloads are restored at a new start-up, “Pause” status from previous session is now kept.
  • Icons next to nzb file name now notify the user to quickly check the current status of the file collection :

When downloading, the icon remains the same as previously :

When Pause / Idle, the icon will be displayed as semi-transparent :

If no files at all have been found of the server, the icon of the collection will look like this :

Finally, if a post download process job (verify/repair or extract process) has failed, the following icon will be displayed :

  • Better consistency between Connections/Disconnection icons. The same icon is now used and painted in gray for Disconnection status
  • Font color and typo of labels in sidebar have been changed to improve readability
  • Fix compilation issue with new power management API from KDE SC 4.8

That’s all for that time, merry Xmas holidays. :D

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  1. Cyring 30 Dec, 2011

    Loves every features ! Thanks Xavier

    Did not find a way to memorize X & Y startup position

  2. Xavier 30 Dec, 2011

    Thx Cyring. About your issue could you try to close kwooty first then edit .kde4/share/config/kwootyrc
    and try to remove “Height” and “Width” lines at the top of the file.
    Then relaunch kwooty, hope this will help.


  3. Cyring 31 Dec, 2011

    Hello Xavier,

    I did remove any “Height” and “Width” lines in ~/.kde4/share/config/kwootyrc

    1- initial position = bottom, left
    2- change size and position window to middle,middle
    3- restart kwooty = only the size is stored, position goes to up, left

    Happy new year

  4. Cyring 31 Dec, 2011

    OK, solved my issue by editing Kwooty Window Specific Settings and tick Position to Remember.
    I was not aware of this KDE general rule, sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. Xavier 31 Dec, 2011

    I thought that you got troubles about size’s window.
    Glad to see you managed to fix window position ! :)


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