Kwooty 0.9.0 Released

Hi there,

Here kwooty 0.9.0 release, let’s take a look at the main window:

kwooty 0.9.0


And then, the traditional detailed change-log:

  • New plugin: “Categories”. This plugin allows to transfer downloaded contents to favorites folders defined in the plugin settings (it is possible to assign a particular favorite folder for each type of content).

Categories plugin

“Categories” plugin

The plugin works like this:

As usual, after a nzb download is complete, the downloaded content is extracted in the target folder that owns the name of the nzb.
The “Categories” plugin will then look at the file type of each files located in the nzb download folder. According to size and type of each downloaded file, a unique main file type will be revealed.

If a favorite folder has been assigned for this corresponding file type, then the nzb download folder will be transferred in the favorite folder.

Here is a short example:
A file named “myNzb.nzb” is appended in kwooty. After downloading and extracting processes, the content of /my/download/folder/myNzb is:

- 1 .zip file of 500 MiB
- 4 .txt files of 60 KiB each
- 2 .iso files of 300 MiB each

In this case, the guessed main file type will be x-cd-image as, for the same kind of file types, the biggest total file size is 600 MiB (2 .iso * 300 MiB).
The myNzbFile folder will then be transferred in the favorite folder defined for “Applications> Raw Cd Image” category.
Note that you can jump into favorite folder by clicking on “Dowloads” button in toolbar when transfer is complete.

If you wish to specify a favorite folder for “Raw Cd Image” contents, follow the 3 followings steps:

Step 1: In Categories plugin settings, click on “Add Category” button, then select “application” item and click on “OK”:

Categories settings

Step 2: The following dialog box will then appear (you can edit it whenever by clicking on “Edit Subcategory” button). For “application” category, look for “raw CD image”, then validate with “OK”:

Categories settings

Step 3: The “raw CD image” will then appear in the main Category plugin settings window. Finally choose a favorite folder for this subcategory and you’re done:

Categories settings

  • Scheduler plugin: bypass feature added.
    Scheduler can now be bypassed for items manually set on “Start” or “Pause” or both (to be configured in Scheduler settings).
  • Scheduler plugin: new nzb items can now automatically be set on Pause when appended (note that this feature is enabled only if “Always limit download speed” is checked)
  • Scheduler plugin: better download/pause behavior.
    Previously when a nzb was appended during a Pause time, download was beginning for a few seconds before being set on pause by the scheduler.
    This was the same when a manual Start or Pause action was performed on a nzb, the scheduler changed the nzb status as expected but after a couple of seconds.
    Now Start/Pause actions manually performed on a nzb will no more interfere with scheduler: these actions will be ignored (unless Start/Pause bypass feature is enabled)
  • New option “Display tiny file names” in “Display Mode” settings (enabled by default).

Tiny file names

“Display tiny file names” setting

This feature will try to keep only the essential name among unusual information found in file names from nzb files.
Below what it looks like:

Tiny display

Display tiny file names enabled

Tiny not display

Display tiny file names disabled

  • Better distinction of par2 files: to improve readability, name of par2 files is displayed in gray

Par2 files displayed in gray

Par2 file names displayed in gray

  • The mean download speed of each server has been added nearby its current download speed in the server statistics panel (feature request):

Mean download speed

Current download speed – Mean download speed

  • Bug fix: maximized setting about server statistics panel was sometimes not correctly restored between kwooty’s sessions

That’s all for this release !

Before ending, I would like to thank all the packagers and especially all the translators: Michael, Pavel, Yurienu thanks a lot for you great job and availability ! :D
For the future releases, if you wish to discuss about any new feature do not hesitate to send me an email or fill a feature request on kwooty’s sourceforge.

Good hollidays,

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  1. gaboo 31 Jul, 2012

    Not tried this release yet, seams great!
    In the mean time : Merci beaucoup! :)

  2. Xavier 31 Jul, 2012

    Hope you’ll like it
    Merci à toi pour ton commentaire, ça fait tjs plaisir ! :)

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