Latest Release: kwooty 1.1.0

  • Binary Packages:
    • Arch Linux: AUR

    Latest development snapshot

    To get the latest development snapshot use the following commands:

    • $ git clone git:// kwooty
    • $ cd kwooty

    Requirements to build the project

    • CMake 2.6
    • gcc
    • KDE core libraries
    • KDE core development package
    • KDE workspace development package
    • GetText

    Build and install

    • $ cd kwooty
    • $ cd build
    • $ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config –prefix` ..
    • $ sudo make install OR > su -c ‘make install’
    • run kbuildsycoca4 in order to show plugins

    Add helper apps

    Additional  programs may need to be installed for :

    • ubuntu : unrar (non -free version),¬† p7zip-full, p7zip-rar, par2
    • openSUSE : unrar, p7zip. Unfortunately par2 is not officially provided by openSUSE, this software can be installed from home projects available at
      For instance, davjam79’s home project provides par2 program for several versions of openSUSE :
      For openSUSE 12.1, here is the 1-Click install link.
    • mandriva : unrar, p7zip, parchive2
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