Kwooty 0.7.3 Released


Here is kwooty 0.7.3 : a new bug fix release of kwooty.
The fixed bugs are described below:

  • Fix bug #3437022: pending download restoring at start-up could be lost in certain situations
  • Fix regression #3443484: when interet connection was lost then back again, downloads were not restarting automatically
  • Fix bug #3444490: when opening nzb file(s) from file manager, the kwooty’s bouncing cursor was stop only after timeout
  • Before restoring downloads at start-up, checksum of file that store queued downloads is now performed to ensure data integrity
  • Fix issue with an incorrect value stored in kwootyrc under certain circumtances and could lead to a crash at next kwooty start-up
  • Fix issue in yenc decoder that could consider correct decoded files as corrupted (’decoded (bad CRC)’ status) with some yenc encoders.

Thanks for all of you that took time to fill the bug report ! :)

All the best,


Kwooty 0.7.2 Released


Here is a new bug fix release of kwooty: 0.7.2.
The fixed bugs below:

  • Fix bug #3386546 that could lead to server connection drop if Bandwidth manager plugin was active with download limit set to “No Limit”
  • Fix bug #3390955 that unpacked zipped files format that were not intended to be (ie : .war files)

All the best,


Kwooty 0.7.1 Released


Here is a kwooty bug fix release (0.7.1), the changelog below:

  • Fix issue when decoding uu encoded files whose file name contains white spaces (thanks to Nicholas for fixing this !)
  • If message 481 from usenet server is received, try to download segment 1 minute later than considering it as not present
  • Fix bug #3361080 (and regression from 0.6.3 by the way) that could lead to server connection drop

That’s all, enjoy hollidays ! :D



Kwooty 0.7.0 Released

Hello there,

Here is the spring release of kwooty aka kwooty 0.7.0, lets begin by an overall screenshot of the main window :D :

kwooty 0.7.0

And as usual, the detailed change-log below:

  • Retry action added (accessible via “right click > Retry” context menu or “Downloads > Retry” menu) that allows to re set in queue files whose download/verify/extract process failed :

Retry action available from right click context menu and from Download menu

Selected File(s) can now be reset in queue if file(s):

- is decoded but has an incorrect CRC
- has not been found on server
- can not be repaired
- can not be extracted

Files not found on server or with a bad CRC can be reset in queue anytime during download process.
Files that can not be repaired/extracted can be reset in queue when verify/extract process has ended respectively.
It can be used in two different ways, if retry action is performed:

- on selected files (children items), only selected files will be reset in queue.
- on the overall nzb file (parent item), all children files whose download/verify/extract process failed will be reset in queue.

  • Bandwidth management plugin added that allows to limit and schedule download speed:

Bandwidth manager plugin

The download speed can be limited all the time or can be scheduled on a 30 minutes basis calendar.
This simple calendar allows to choose between three download speed statuses for your schedule needs:

- no download speed limit
- speed is limited
- downloads are paused

Speed limit scheduler

  • Active servers will now try to also download files not found by Master server (in a load balancing way if several active servers are set) instead of just being considered as missing.
    The principle of Active servers is to act as another Master server and to download queued files at the same time than Master server.
    Previously, if a file was not found from Master server it was just considered as missing (or was set as pending if a passive backup server was setup).
    Now if the Master server does not find any file, one of the Active servers will try to download it in its turn before considering it as really missing.

  • Basic splitted files (as name.ext.001, name.ext.002) merging process is now handled (in addition of rar, zip and 7z archives)Previously splitted files were not managed, now they will be identified as and merged during extraction process.
  • A decoded file that has a bad crc will be notified to user with an appropriate icon and status :
  • A decoded file with an incorrect CRC

This feature could be useful to know if par2 files are mandatory to repair decoded files. For a nzb content without any par2 files, if a decoded file gets a incorrect CRC, there are great chances that extraction process will fail.
On the other hand, even if par2 files are present it can be useful to reset a decoded file with a bad CRC in queue during download process.

That almost there about this release, I hope you will like it. By the way do not hesitate to report feedback, bring some suggestions or features that you would like to see in the next release ! :)

Finally, I would like to thank the translators (big up to Michael and Pavel) that performed a great job  !

Now it’s time for me to take a break, spring time is there ! :D



Kwooty 0.6.3 Released


Here is a kwooty bug fix release (0.6.3), the changelog below:

  • Corrupted download files could happen on some usenet providers if host returned 503 or 436 response codes when a segment download was requested. Now the segment is not considered as missing and download will be requested again.
  • Regression fix : user was not notified about eventual decoding errors.

Development is going on for next release, more news should come within several weeks, so stay tuned ! :D



Kwooty 0.6.2 Released

Hi folks,

Here is a small kwooty release (0.6.2), below the changelog :

  • Fix compilation issue with KDE SC 4.6 shipped with new power management
  • Small update in Czech translation.

Merry Christmas ! :D


Kwooty 0.6.1 Released

Here is kwooty 0.6.1 !

This is a translation update and bug fix release, below a screenshot of what it looks like  :D :

Kwooty 0.6.1

As usual the detailed changelog :

  • Czech translation (thanks a lot Pavel !)
  • Bug fixes :
    • Kwallet now reopens the wallet it is closed
    • Credentials were not correctly removed from plain text when Kwallet option was enabled
    • Watch folder was not working correctly on certain distro. It seems that KDirWatch class was not returning the full nzb file path when FAM or INotify were not used as notify methods. A workaround as been added in order to manage this case. If issue is still present, feedback are welcome !

That’s all for this release ! :D




Kwooty 0.6.0 Released


The Kwooty 0.6.0 release has been mainly focused on multi-server support trying to bring friendly features

Here the detailled changelog:

  • Multi-server support:
    • Up to 4 backup servers can be added.
    • Server priority can be managed in settings by dragging and dropping tab to the desired position in “Connection” settings :
    • kwootyServerSettingsTiny

The “+” and “-”  buttons allows to respectively add and remove backup servers.
When a backup server is added a new tab is created. The priority of the current backup server over others can be changed by moving tab with drag & drop.

    • 4 modes are available for each backup server:
      • Passive: a Passive backup server will download files only not found on Master server and will stay Idle the rest of the time  ( A Passive backup server will stay Idle  if the Master server is down at any time: this can be useful to control the downloaded content size for a backup server with a pay-per-size account for example).
      • Active: an Active backup server will download files simultaneously with Master server until all pending files are processed (this kind of backup server can be in fact considered as a second Master server as it will have the same behavior. This can be useful to speed up a slowly Master server).
      • Failover: a Failover backup server will work as “Passive” as long as Master server is available. If Master server becomes down for what ever reason (account has been disabled, quota limit has been reached, …), the first “Failover” backup server found in tabs will replace and will act as the Master Server.
        • In any case Master server is down, the Failover backup server replaces Master server and downloads queued files until Master server come back available (several Failover backup servers are possible, priority is then managed by tab order in server settings)
        • If several servers are set in “Failover” Mode, the first “Failover” backup server will download pending files, the other “Failover” backup servers will download only queued files not found on first “Failover”backup server.
        • If Master server is down and first “Failover” backup is also down, the next  “Failover” backup server (if any) will supersede the two previous ones.
      • Disabled: server is not used by server configuration is kept for later usage
  • An information bar allowing to watch the following information on a per-server basis has been added (hidden or shown by clicking on the “double arrow” icon at the right of the status bar):

    Clicking on  dedicated server button (Master, Backup server 1, etc…) will provide information about the current server.

  • Added new icon to identify queued files that need to be downloaded by a backup server :

This icon notify that file remains in queue to be downloaded by another backup server

  • Kwallet support : server passwords can now be stored in kwallet instead of plain text
  • Pending downloads can be restored without confirmation at startup and / or be saved without confirmation at exit (configurable in “General > Confirmation dialogs” tab)
  • Added context menu allows access to frequent actions (Start All, Start, Pause All , etc…)
  • Added shortcuts to settings when double clicking on server status or shutdown information on status bar

That’s all for this release. I hope multi-server support will bring most of needs…

Finally I would like to thank Djellel, Guillaume and Michael who contributed in different ways in this release !

As usual after each release, it’s time for me to take a little break (development will start again within several weeks) ! :D



Kwooty 0.5.1 Released

Hi folks,

While not working on new features during vacations I added small enhancement in this tiny release, here is the changelog of version kwooty 0.5.1:

  • Display update : parent row height has been increased
  • Display update : when parent row is selected or mouse hover, “Progress” column now displays colored background as other columns
  • Display update : when a parent row is expanded, “File Name” column automatically adjusts its size according to children “File Name” text size and available window size.

It currently looks like this picture when the row is not expanded (row height has been increased a little and background over progress bar is now correct) :


There when the row is expanded, the “File Name” column  as been automatically increased (according to main window width) in order to see the whole text of children rows :


  • Behavior fix : when a new kde session is started and kwooty session is loaded, main window remains minimized if “Show system tray icon” is enabled
  • Ready for language translation : kwooty.pot has been added in “po” directory. If you wish to contribute do not hesitate to contact me : xavier.kwooty AT gmail.com  :D

That’s all for this tiny release.



Kwooty 0.5.0 Released


Here is the version 0.5.0 of Kwooty ! :D

Detailled changelog:

  • Systray icon support:
    • download progress is displayed on systray icon (ala Amarok).
    • moose over systray icon will provide information tooltip about jobs being processed.
    • new Kde system tray support will be used (KStatusNotifierItem) if kwooty is compiled against Kde >= 4.4.

If compiled against Kde 4.4, the new KStatusNotifierItem and the systray will look like this :

kwooty’s systray compiled against kde 4.4

If compiled against Kde 4.3, KSystemTrayIcon will be used and the systray will get the old style :

kwooty’s systray compiled against kde 4.3

  • Added Pause all – Start all actions in systray icon context menu : All pending downloads can be started/paused from systray context menu.
  • Nofication support: user can now be notified when a job is totally finished and when there is not enough free disk space.
  • Nice process priority option: priority of external programs (par2, unrar, 7z) can now be lowered (for those who encounter slowdows during par2/extract processes) by settings a predefined or custom value to ‘nice’ program (configurable in Settings > External Programs > Priotiry tab).
  • Plugin handling support: kwooty now handles plugins. Plugin support architecture has been setup in order to offer a proper place for eventual future features as bandwith scheduler, rss support, send mail, etc…
  • “watch folder” feature has switched from core program to become a plugin part (can now be enabled/disabled in “Settings > Plugins”):
  • kwooty23_prefPlugin

    Hu !? Only one plugin ?

  • Updated closing confirmation dialog box: cancel quitting is now possible.
  • Updated download speed display in status bar : speed is displayed in MiB/s when appropriate (instead of KiB/s).
  • Preferences gui update.
  • A few performance optimations.

That’s all for this release folks ! ;)
Now it’s time for me to take a break (enjoying summer time :D ), kwooty development will then be resumed in September !

All the best,

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